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DB Products, Inc. recognizes that the world’s resources are limited. We are a more environmentally responsible corporate citizen and we have incorporated our 3R philosophy: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

A DBGREEN Customer understands and supports our 3R philosophy: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.
They recognize and encourage the use of “high-quality, gently used” master cartons. “High-quality, gently used” is defined by DB Products, Inc.’s Quality Control Team as being single-use, 200 lb. certified.

A DBGREEN Customer has confidence that our recovery/recycling systems will meet their regulations and fit their customers’ needs.

DB Products, Inc. supports energy savings and efficiency by monitoring the amount of power we use daily. We buy energy-efficient office products and equipment including energy-saving light bulbs. We set energy-conservation goals and work to continuously improve upon these goals.

At DB Products, Inc. we care about the elimination of harmful substances. We buy green products for cleaning because we know that using the green options for hand soaps and cleaners reduces the amounts of pollutants going into our streams and rivers. We recycle old computers and peripherals utilizing e-waste recycling programs.

DB Products, Inc. believes in the preservation of our resources and recyclability. While setting energy conservation goals is important, we recognize that we can do more for our environment. DB Products, Inc. recognizes the need to recycle materials.

We use less paper by printing only the emails that need to be kept as record and try to be as paperless as possible, especially when considering printing reports: This reduces our carbon footprint. In addition, we make our extensive product catalog available for our customers online rather than always mailing out printed catalogs. We also recycle paper products including newspapers, magazines, and printer paper.

In the future, DB Products, Inc. will continue to aim to reduce the environmental impact across the entire life cycle of our products.